Our steel is green - whether recycling, using waste heat or clever occupational health and safety: SUSTAINABILITY is a top priority at FERALPI STAHL.

Production figures and results are important - as is the question of how sustainably the company operates. That is why the Italian-based Feralpi Group, to which FERALPI STAHL in Riesa, Saxony, belongs, voluntarily publishes a statement beyond the economic figures every year, the so-called sustainability balance sheet. Because sustainability is important to the Feralpi Group and especially to FERALPI STAHL. And that is why we are committed to sustainability in many areas and show responsibility towards people and nature:

  • Recycling


    The steel produced at FERALPI STAHL consists of 93 percent recycled scrap. The circular economy at FERALPI STAHL prevents scrap iron from entering the environment and reduces the consumption of natural raw materials such as iron ore. In cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden, FERALPI STAHL is investing in a pilot plant funded by the EU and the Free State of Saxony to make scrap utilisation more efficient - with correspondingly lower energy consumption and reduced noise emissions. For example, a scrap reception and control area is planned in which the delivered scrap is divided into groups and automatically charged.

  • Production


    FERALPI STAHL produces around 1 million tonnes of steel products a year - with the high-performance electric arc furnace, it could even be 1.1 to 1.2 million tonnes. But our current rolling mill does not have the capacity for this, so we will invest in a second rolling mill. At its heart will be an intelligent control system between continuous casting, the new rolling mill and the existing rolling line. In addition, induction furnaces will be used as reheating furnaces, which will prevent direct emissions of air pollutants.

  • Energy consumption

    Energy consumption

    Steel production requires a lot of energy - which is why efficient energy use is a high priority at FERALPI STAHL. At the end of 2020, FERALPI STAHL achieved the energy saving targets set in 2012 in accordance with the specifications of the German Steel Federation (WV Stahl). Energy consumption at FERALPI STAHL fell by 11 per cent, and by as much as 18 per cent for natural gas. In addition, Feralpi Logistik 2020 achieved the target set in 2014 of reducing the specific energy consumption of the vehicle fleet by 5 to 6 percent. Nevertheless, the company continues to invest in identifying and realising further energy-saving potential.

  • Using waste heat

    Using waste heat

    FERALPI STAHL uses the waste heat from the steel plant's flue gases to generate steam, some of which is transferred directly to Goodyear Dunlop Tires by Stadtwerke Riesa and some of which is used to generate electricity with an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbine. Last but not least, FERALPI STAHL has launched the "Integrated" project to promote the development and testing of thermoelectric systems that can convert heat directly into electricity.

  • Social Sustainability

    Social Sustainability

    Occupational safety is the top priority in a steelworks, so appropriate training is essential. FERALPI STAHL digitised this in 2020 and received the prestigious "Clever Fox" occupational safety award from the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal.
    Furthermore, FERALPI STAHL has taken on the topic of "sustainable mobility". Employees can lease up to two bicycles per person through FERALPI STAHL, the installments are deducted directly from the gross salary, and everything is managed on the online platform of the provider JobRad.

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