Snake spacers are used to secure reinforcing meshes.

The reinforcement spacer and snake spacers are certified in accordance with the ‘Supports’ fact sheet from the DBV (German Concrete and Construction Engineering Association). They have an allowable load of 0.67 kN/m.


Spacing during installation

Dimensions Max. spacing1) during installation with linear reinforcement2)
Diameter ≤ 6,5 mm 500 m
6,5 mm < Diameter ≤ 12 mm 700 m
Diameter > 12 mm 700 m

1) The maximum spacing during installation is equal to the centre distance.

2) Linear reinforcements are to be joined in the lengthwise direction in accordance with the DBV ‘Supports’ fact sheet.



Country Quality / Diameter range Certifications
GERMANY DBV - Data sheet      Ø  3,5 - 5,5 MPFA-DE-AH