What Carlo N. Pasini, the founder of the Feralpi Group, once said still characterises FERALPI STAHL in all its objectives and is the overriding maxim today: "Produce and grow with respect for people and environment".

As the tenth largest steelworks in Germany and one of the largest employers in the region Riesa (Germany), we carry great responsibility - both economically and socially.

We demand of ourselves that we produce steel efficiently and in a way that conserves resources so that we can hold our own in a highly competitive market. At the same time, we want to be sustainable in our actions and in harmony with environmental and energy policies.

We are firmly rooted in Riesa and our commitment to the region is a matter close to our hearts.

  • Energy efficient production

    Energy efficient production

    The best possible energy efficiency is a top priority at FERALPI STAHL. The melting profile of the electric furnace is constantly optimised. The direct use of cast billets from the continuous casting plant of the electric steel mill in the hot rolling mill reduces the use of natural gas at the lifting hearth furnace there. The billets do not cool down too much and do not have to be heated up again. This is unique for the Riesa site and will be further optimised in the coming years.

  • Power generation through waste heat

    Power generation through waste heat

    A lot of heat has to be generated for steel production. Since 2015, waste heat from the primary extraction system has been used to generate steam from the electric furnace, which is used to generate electricity for the company's own use and to provide steam for the nearby tyre plant. And the waste heat from the air compressors is now used for office heating and hot water. FERALPI STAHL intends to pursue and expand this type of energy recovery.

  • Reduce emissions

    Reduce emissions

    The constant reduction of emissions - whether dust, noise or CO2 - is an important goal for us at FERALPI STAHL.

  • Connecting to the hydrogen pipeline

    Connecting to the hydrogen pipeline

    FERALPI STAHL has formed the "Energie-Allianz im Industriebogen Meißen" network with companies from the neighbourhood to ensure that a planned hydrogen pipeline in Saxony is laid closer to the Riese site. With the aim of being able to use this pipeline in the future, a conversion from gas to hydrogen is to be realised.

  • Safety first

    Safety first

    The "clever fox" has been with us since 2021 - the Employers' Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal awarded us its safety prize for our special achievements in occupational safety. But this is no reason for us to rest on our laurels, because there are many sources of danger in a steelworks and the safety of our employees is extremely important to us. Therefore, the further development of occupational safety is always a high priority at FERALPI STAHL.