Our employees are the basis of our success.

FERALPI STAHL is marked by the personalities of its employees. With their knowledge and skills, they are responsible for the success of our steel production. Every employee is valuable in his or her own right. That is why we at FERALPI STAHL also stand up for our colleagues, our region and for sustainable production.

Company Codex

People are diverse, individual and we support that. Because the diversity of our employees means that we look at possible decisions from a wide variety of perspectives and thus create targeted innovations. 

To ensure that the cooperation of so many employees works, we have behavioral guidelines which have been laid down in a codex of ethics. FERALPI STAHL stands for this codex and also consistently implements it in its operations. It stands for respect, honesty, friendliness, teamwork and loyalty. The cooperation of all employees at FERALPI STAHL is base