User-friendly, versatile and high-grade: Reinforcing steel meshes from FERALPI STAHL for the building industry.

Our custom meshes feature a flexible structure and can be tailored to meet customer requirements. The longitudinal and cross wires are connected to one another by means of electric resistance welding. The meshes are easy to use.

The custom meshes are approved in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Custom meshes according to type B, P, Q and QS for Benelux countries upon request.



Custom mesh B500A / B500B

Country Quality / Diameter range Certifications
CZECH REPUBLIC  CSN 42 0139:2011 B500A  Ø 4 - 12 TZUS-CZ-B500A-MatteA
NETHERLANDS  NEN 6008 B500A  Ø 6 - 12 KOMO-NL-B500A-MatteA
NETHERLANDS  NEN 6008 B500B  Ø 6 - 10 KOMO-NL-B500B-MatteB
BELGIUM  NBN A 24-301/-303/-304 B500A  Ø 6 - 12 PROCERTUS-BE-B500A-MatteA
GERMANY  DIN 488 B500A  Ø 4 - 12 MFPA-DE-B500A-MatteA
GERMANY  DIN 488 B500B  Ø 6 - 14 MFPA-DE-B500B-MatteB
GERMANY  Z-1.3-256 B500B  Ø 6 - 10 MPFA-DE-B500B-MatteB_SP
POLAND PN-H-93247-2 B500A  Ø 6 - 12 SIMPTESTCERT-PL-B500A-MatteA