The topics of safety and health play a central role at FERALPI STAHL.

The well-being of our employees is close to our hearts. For this reason, we at FERALPI STAHL have a strict safety concept and an extensive health programme.

Workplace safety

As in any production company, working in the steelworks also involves dangers. In order to ensure safety on our premises and at the workplace of our employees, we therefore prepare a risk assessment in regular cycles. The aim is to identify and eliminate potential hazards for our employees. In addition, we check whether the individual measures make sense and whether they are being adhered to.

All employees at FERALPI STAHL receive safety instructions, safety clothing and a briefing at their workplace on their first day of work. This lays the foundations for safe working practices.

Workplace healthy

This means health-promoting measures at the workplace of our employees. After all, the health and well-being of our employees is very important to us at FERALPI STAHL.

We strictly adhere to the legal requirements set out by the company health management (BGM). However, we supplement these with an additional concept and various other offers. We work closely with the health insurance funds, because the spectrum of possible measures is very broad: it includes the areas of "health-promoting work design", "health-promoting work and lifestyle" and "inter-company networking and counselling".

Well-being in the workplace

Working together with colleagues can sometimes be exhausting, especially when so many people come together as in a company like FERALPI. But by introducing and, above all, living our company code, we have found a way for all employees to treat each other with respect and for everyone to be able to freely develop their personality.